Gander Valley Custom Calls | Duck & Goose Call Reviews

At Gander Valley Custom Calls we are hunters first and our calls show this. They have exceptional range, realism, and ease of use. This is what makes a great call. To fool ducks or geese you need to replicate the way they sound. We strive to produce the most realistic calls on the market. Making the call user friendly in the toughest conditions is just as important. I am a full time guide and have been for ever, and my wife is a design engineer and this was a perfect match to start Gander Valley Custom Calls.

I have sought out help from other guides and outfitters across the world as well as contest callers and the average Joe. We believe to be the best you have to use the best and that is why we started GVCC. Your success is our success, it means the world to have our calls used on your hunts. I back all this up with the kind of customer service I want to receive when I buy something. I treat you the way I want to be treated, our track record speaks for itself. Check out our duck and goose call reviews below and contact us out for your next duck and goose call needs.

Gander Valley Custom Calls | Custom Duck Calls

Gander Valley Calls are the finest calls on the market today. I own a couple different Powerhouse calls in Acrylic and Hedge as well as a Delrin and they are all pure goose from the high cracking clucks to the bottom end murmors and moans. They blow very easy and sound so realistic, they really are a must have in the field. They look as good as they sound, and I have never used a call that fit my hand so well. I have tried most the calls out there and I find Gander Valley to be the best meat calls on the market….geese just eat it up!

The duck call is also a must have, it has made this Ol goose hunter enjoy calling in those big greenies. I am normally not a huge duck hunter, but this call makes me sound good … I had the best success using your call last season, that I actually added some full body mallards to the trailer. Keep up the great work Mark and you will get noticed, you have the best customer service out there and I love your call.

Travis Miller

I have blown a lot of top notch calls, and the Gander Valley is one of the easiest calls I have ever blown. It’s construction is very high quality. From the guts to the outside design , this call is built to last. And when it comes time to call in a flock of geese or a contest judge this call will do the trick. I hunt a lot of public property and I can honestly say I killed more this year than ever before And I believe It had to do with the realistic sound to this call. If your in the market for a new call, I highly recommend this one, I recommend it to all of my friends.

Good luck and great hunting….

Mike Olive

I am a call collector and waterfowl guide and have what some may call a addiction, I am a Call Addict.I have been buying calls for years and years and have just found the new go to call. It is easy to blow and very goosey. I have one set high and one real low. The customer service you get is top notch,Mark is great to work with.

Joe Tobel

I have found the Gander Valley Custom short reed to be the best short reed I have ever blown. They will get down and super dirty for those irresistible lows but they will also reach out and hammer the geese from long ranges as well. The customer service I have gotten from Mark Baca has been incredible. I have never known a guy to go this far out of his way to make his customers happy. Ever since I added my acrylic Gander Valley to my lanyard it has helped my goose calling dramatically. I now have more confidence in my calling and know that the call can do whatever I need it to.

Matt McDonald

Mark at Gander Valley has really helped me with my calling.He set the call light but it has more volume and crack than most stiff calls I’ve blown. I can really run this call and have tried so many others that I have lost count. I just ordered my second call(own a acrylic, getting a hedge). The customer service is the best I have encountered anywhere!

Mike Myers


I wanted to write you and thank you for the new PCS call I ordered from you, this call is wicked fast and loud. It replaced my other cackler calls and I will need to order another in Hedge. This call has such a sharp crack, but still get so goosey I really am amazed. The PCS really compliments your Powerhouse call…this is a winning combination, great job! I appreciate the killer customer service you have provided me, the best in the business bar none.

Ben Fields

Gander Valley calls put geese in my decoys. Mark’s calls have a lot of eye appeal, fit good in your hand and are nothing but pure goose. I really like the range I get from top to bottom with them. Mark knows what it takes to kill geese and how to do it and provides customer service second to none.

Doug Willet

The goose calls are wonderful. Never tried the duck calls but I’m sure they’re fine as well. Great Customer service, great calls that fits your needs, and Mark is a great guy to chat with! Will get more of my business for sure.

Seth Cadiere

Great prices, great customer service.

I’ve known Mark for years, he’s one of the best in the business. The calls are top notch, well made and sound fantastic.

Plus, they’ve been band magnets for me. A half dozen banded birds have fallen to their sounds since I discovered GVCC.

Don Taylor

I’m impressed with the calls to say the least. Got a P.C.S. and a Homewrecker, and they’re already putting birds on the deck. Mark pointed me in the right direction and was able to get the calls to me in a timely manner. Will certainly be doing business again.

Cy Abel

Nothing reaches out across that open water and demands their attention like the homewrecker. Hands down, my most favorite call I’ve ever owned. Also the PCS is a force not to be messed with, works like a charm from early season goose all the way to late season educated honkers. Can’t go wrong with this company!

William Magnuson

I have a pcs acrylic and one that’s hedge best calls I have ever owned . And an African wood home wrecker. A killer call . Thanks for all the help and making great calls .

Richard Shell