Gander Valley Custom Calls PCS Custom Goose Calls

The “PCS” (Population Control Specialist)

With an incredible range of volume and pitch, the PCS has been proven effective coast-to-coast on all sub-species of Canada Geese.  If you’re looking for a call with that attention grabbing high-end combined with all the volume and speed and tonal integrity you need, look no farther than the PCS.  The distinctive ability of the PCS to replicate the Canada goose vocabulary makes it the favorite of goose killers from around the world.

The “Triple X”

In our relentless pursuit of improvement we talked to contest callers and die-hard waterfowlers from across the world about what makes a goose call distinctive. We delivered with the Triple X. This is a comfortably compact machine with all of the speed and responsiveness of both the Hybrid and the PCS with every bit of the Powerhouse low-end. Trick notes are easily delivered with the Triple X making it quite possibly the most versatile goose call in the Gander Valley lineup.

Powerhouse Goose Call - Custom Goose Calls


As the name implies, the Powerhouse is our flagship call. The naturally deep goosey sounds make this the ideal instrument for the biggest species of geese; proven deadly on stage and in the field. Smooth and easy to operate, flawless note to note transitions and tonal integrity with the Powerhouse can be accomplished by callers of all abilities.

Gander Valley Custom Calls | Hybrid Goose Call


The Hybrid as the name implies is the fusion of the PCS barrel, and Powerhouse insert. Assembled in an easy to operate package with remarkable speed and controllability, the Hybrid has a complete tonal range to match any hunting situation. Quickly becoming a favorite of both contest callers and veteran hunters alike.

Homewrecker Duck Call - Custom Duck Calls


The Homewrecker Duck Call comes in single and double reed options and is more than enough for all hunting situations and has been proven to be very deadly coast to coast. It runs smooth and has those pure meat sounds that late season green heads can’t resist. The Homewrecker is easy to run and sounds very natural, making those soft seductive sounds that can make the difference on a tough day. Available in Black, Ivory or Smoke.

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