GVCC In The Field | Custom Canada Goose Calls

Gander Valley’s Custom Canada Goose Calls are popular among both Canada Goose Hunters, and competition callers. Our Canada Goose calls are designed to deliver under the toughest conditions. Gander Valley Custom Calls have been field proven by professional Canada Goose Guides and hardcore hunters world-wide. Our line of Canada Goose calls are designed to duplicate the complete vocabulary of Canada Geese while maintaining tonal integrity and pitch. What’s CUSTOM about our goose calls? We make it the way you want it!

GVCC Acrylic Canada Goose Calls

Gander Valley’s Canada Goose Calls are acrylic made calls, that have a great range for long-distance calling, as well as close in sweet-talking. Unlike Flute Calls, Gander Valley’s custom goose calls offer a full range of the Canada goose’s voice. Whether you’re looking for a goose call with that attention-grabbing high-end pitch, a naturally deep goosey sound, or a call with remarkable speed and controllability, Gander Valley has the custom goose call for you. Our custom calls have a distinctive ability to replicate the Canada goose vocabulary making them a favorite of goose killers from across the nation.

At Gander Valley Custom Calls, we have created a Canada Goose Call like no other on the market. Our goose calls exceed the standard for both hunters and competition callers and are the deadliest calls in the field.

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Featured Canada Goose Call | THE XXX

In our relentless pursuit of improvement we talked to contest callers and die-hard waterfowlers from across the world about what makes a goose call distinctive. We delivered with the Triple X. This is a comfortably compact machine with all of the speed and responsiveness of both the Hybrid and the PCS with every bit of the Powerhouse low-end. Trick notes are easily delivered with the Triple X making it quite possibly the most versatile goose call in the Gander Valley lineup.

  • Hit Trick Notes Easy
  • Compact Call
  • Most Versatile Canada Goose Call
  • Great Speed & Responsiveness
  • 15 Different Combinations