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Do you believe in Gander Valley Custom Calls enough to rely on it for your professional endeavors, and represent it in every way possible? Hunting Pro Staff and Sponsorships are limited availability positions for the hunting industry’s top professionals to represent our custom duck and goose calls at the highest level. Whether you are a championship callers, high profile guide outfits and outfitters, social media, television, magazines, etc. There’s multiple ways to get on board with the GVCC Hunting Pro Staff team.

Gander Valley Custom Calls | Custom Duck Calls

Andrew Dierks | Worthington, MN

Andrew Dierks grew up in SW Minnesota where his father instilled in him a passion for the outdoors—particularly hunting. Although his family wasn’t particularly interested in waterfowl, Andrew had a strong desire for those elusive birds. During his younger years he would spend countless hours reading articles about waterfowl and trying to learn any possible piece of information that he could. Learning to do everything himself, Andrew put those readings to truth and killed his first duck at the age of twelve. The following year he shot his first goose at the age of thirteen. Not long after that, Andrew’s mind set turned to short reed goose calls and a particular interest in honkers. Andrew purchased a Gander Valley Powerhouse to upgrade his arsenal and in 2004 he was asked to join the Gander Valley Pro Staff. Aside from blowing a call in the field, Andrew has taken an interest in blowing on the stage and has placed as high as third. Andrew plans to continue his passion for ducks and geese for years to come.

Gander Valley Custom Calls | Custom Duck Calls

Adam Dye | Tulsa, OK

Adam grew up hunting the lakes and rivers of OK. From an early age he worked and hunted at his father’s duck camp in central OK. Adam’s love for retrievers also started at an early age as he trained and competed with his labradors around OK. Adam has hunted across the United States. Adam is the owner of FOWLPLAY Outfitters and Retrievers. Guided waterfowl hunts and gun dog training keep Adam busy throughout the year. Adam has been a prostaffer for Gander Valley since 2003. Adam travels all over the country for various calling competitions. Adam won the Hoisington Wetlanders (Cheyenne Bottoms Festival) open duck contest in 2007. Adam has numerous top 5 finishes in both duck and goose competitions.

Gander Valley Custom Calls | Custom Duck Calls

Adam Toboyek | Mosinee, Wi

Adam Toboyek from Mosinee, Wisconsin. We not only have the best cheese in the whole continent but some great waterfowling opportunites in this dairy state as well. The year starts out hunting snow geese in South Dakota in March during the Spring Light Goose Conservation Season followed by a long hot summer of building blinds, wooduck houses, mallard nests, repairing decoys, to ordering new gear. September rolls around and the honker chasing begins for our Early Season Canada Goose hunt. Before you know it, its October and im back out to South Dakota for 2 weeks hunting and duck season is underway and its a sleepless 3 months after that between hunting and work. I work at Mullins Whey Inc and I operate a protein dryer, drying liquid whey into protein powder which is used in protein bars, shakes, nutrional companys, and body building. I have a Black Lab Retriever named Drake. I hunt everything from field hunting to marshes, small potholes, to big resevoirs, where ever theres waterfowl, I am there! My favorite call is my orange pearl Gander Valley P.C.S, its very easy to blow, sounds goosey, and will land them big honkers right in your lap! I was introduced into waterfowl hunting at the young age of 8 by my grandpa and have been hooked and dedicated ever since. Waterfowl hunting to me is a way of life, a dedicated passion. I like watching the birds in air , cupping up, maple leafing in on there final approach, calling them in close, and the sounds of wind, whisting on the wings. Im glad we live in a country where we have our freedom to be able to get out in the outdoors and make these experiences happen, many thanks goes out to our service men and woman who are currently and have served in our military services, thank you and god bless!

Gander Valley Custom Calls | Custom Duck Calls

Jeremy Kriese | Brookings, SD

My name is Jeremy Kriese and I was born in Brookings, South Dakota. My dad got me introduced to hunting when I was around 7 years old when I would go deer hunting with him and my grandpa. I went on my first waterfowl hunt when I was 9 and have been hooked ever since. Every chance I had to go I would and when I wasnt hunting I would be watching hunting videos or reading hunting magazines. Ever since that first duck hunt, I have been fascinated with calling ducks and geese. My dad would let me blow on his calls on the way to the field and before long I had my own calls and using them on real ducks. A couple years later I got introduced into competition calling by a good friend of mine and since then have been working on mastering the sounds. After working up the nerves to try it I entered my first duck competition in 2006 and took home 1st in the South Dakota State Jr. duck calling. In the fall of 2007 I got introduced to Gander Valley calls by my friend Andrew Dierks and have since switched to all Gander Valley Calls. In 2008 I got third place in the South Dakota State contest blowing a gander valley single reed duck call. In the next couple years I would like to try my luck in goose calling competition as well as duck calling.

Gander Valley Custom Calls | Custom Duck Calls

Jeff Foster | Cecil County, MD

My name is Jeff Foster. I was raised in Cecil County, Maryland, which is located at the Northern tip of the Chesapeake Bay. I started bow hunting P&Y whitetails at the age of 10 with my father, a man who has taught me most of what I know. At the age of 14 I ventured into my first goose pit and shot my first band. Waterfowl hunting has become an addiction and passion ever since. My fascination with calling birds close for that in your face, unforgettable action led me to Gander Valley Custom Calls. Here I found quality calls that suit my calling style and hunting demands. I now co-own Blackout Waterfowl, dealing with waterfowl hunts, products and video production. I primarily hunt the Atlantic flyway on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware. My passion to study the outdoors and to exceed expectations has led me to numerous remarkable hunts and adventures.

Gander Valley Custom Calls | Custom Duck Calls

Ryan Kitts | Helena, MT

Ryan Kitts was born in Butte Montana. At the age of 16, Ryan started working on large ranches, getting the opportunity to enjoy and live in some God’s greatest landscapes, namely Montana and northern Wyoming. In 1998 he decided to take his love for the outdoors and turn it into a career. He currently guides fly fisherman, in a drift boat, chasing big browns and vibrant rainbows on the Missouri and Big Horn Rivers, two of the best tail waters in Montana. He guides elk hunters from wall tent camps high in the mountains to sage brush flats full of big muleys and river bottoms teeming with white tail. However, waterfowl is his true obsession. Ryan guides waterfowl hunters in eastern Montana, going after large concentrations of big honkers. He has a black lab, Shilo and a Chessie, Buck, both of which he trained from puppies. For Ryan, nothing beats calling birds in close and watching his dogs make excellant retrieves. After the season winds down, Ryan can be found in his shop, hand carving and painting duck decoys.

Gander Valley Custom Calls | Custom Duck Calls

Jamie Reed | Arcade, NY

I grew up in a small town in western New York, in a hunting family and have been out in the field well before I was old enough to hunt. I now live in Arcade, New York which is fifteen minutes away from where I grew up. I have always been an avid outdoorsman and am lucky to get to spend a lot of time in the field each year. While I like to hunt deer, turkeys, coyotes, and other game, waterfowling is my true passion. I work as a guide for Southerntier Outfitters out of Olean, New York and help out with youth hunts and other events each season. I have two children of my own and enjoy sharing time with them out in the field. I like anything associated with waterfowling and attend several shows and calling contests during the off season. Several years ago while at an outdoor show, I was fortunate enough to try a Gander Valley Powerhouse. I bought one for myself and have been using the line of Gander Valley Custom Calls ever since.

Gander Valley Custom Calls | Custom Duck Calls

Ben Gates | Helena, MT

Ben Gates was born and raised in Helena Montana, he currently resides in Billings with his wife Jamie. He was interested in the outdoors and hunting from the very beginning, his father used to carry him in his back pack while hunting as early as age one. And the passion has only grown, he enjoys chasing just about every animal in North America, but waterfowl has become his main focus. He has guided in Montana for the last 6 years and he hunts can range from a goose hunt in a corm field to a Trophy elk hunt deep in the back country. Ben travels to several states through the season, following the migration and doing what he loves….decoying them close! Ben enjoys calling geese and ducks, he says watching them react to his calling is more rewarding than actually shooting them. He was introduced to Gander Valley through a good friend, Ryan Kitts. Ryan Pro Staffs for Mark and Ben got to try his first Powerhouse and was hooked ever since. He had a collection of other high end calls but switched over and has not looked back. He helped filed test the HomeWrecker in North Dakota, Minnesota and Montana and said it’s the easiest duckiest double reed he ever ran. Ben is a hardcore water fowler with ethics and skill that make him stand out in the field.

Gander Valley Custom Calls | Custom Duck Calls

Myron Bleyenberg | Inwood, IA

My name is Myron Bleyenberg I grew up in NW Iowa on a farm near Sioux Center, IA now I currently reside in Inwood, Ia about 30 min away along with my wife Amy. I have been an avid hunter since I was 10 years old. I started hunting pheasants and deer with my dad and brothers and continue to still do that as a family tradition each and every year. Which then lead me to waterfowl hunting at the age of 16. I was hooked after going out with my buddies and as we were calling they started maple leafing into our decoys. Since then waterfowling is my passion and look forward to each and every upcoming season because it seems like they only get better. During the off season I spend my time scouting for new areas to hunt, training my Golden Retriever “Trigger” Taking care of my equipment such as, boat blinds, ground blinds, and also decoys. My favorite quote,“ There are duck hunters and there are duck callers, I am a duck hunter.” It takes everything to be that duck hunter, but you can be a duck caller from your house. I look forward to helping out Mark and his team at Gander Valley and the many years to come of waterfowling!

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