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At Gander Valley Custom Calls we make Duck and Goose calls that are designed to deliver under the toughest conditions.  Gander Valley Custom Calls have been field proven by professional waterfowl guides and hardcore hunters world-wide.   Our Duck and Goose calls are designed to duplicate the complete vocabulary of Mallard Ducks and Canada Geese while maintaining tonal integrity and pitch.  What’s CUSTOM about Gander Valley Custom Calls?  We make it the way you want it!   You choose the call, you choose the material, and you choose the way you want it tuned.  We make it to your specifications; light setups for beginners and layout hunts to the rigid setups for competition callers that require more finesse to operate.  The call you receive is a stylish and durable instrument that will spit feathers from the highest highs right down to the most fundamental and realistic meat sounds. From a production type call to a completely customized one-of-a-kind setup we have the knowledge, experience, and reputation to make your next call a Gander Valley Custom Calls.

"Callum Close…Killum Clean"

Gander Valley Custom Calls
Custom Goose Calls and Duck Calls

To Purchase a Gander Valley Custom Duck Call or Goose Call give us a call at 1-970-381-8386 or use our online store links.

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