How To Call In Geese During Early Goose Season

Duck Calling Tips: How To Blow A Duck Call The Correct Way

The first note to learn and practice is the quack. The quack is the first sound you need to learn in order to blow a duck call correctly. Ducks definitely have their own vocabulary, so take the time to learn their language and use it to make each hunt a success.

How to make the quack sound with a duck call.

To make the quack use a control word to help get the proper air presentation. I have been giving lessons for over 20 years and the best word I’ve found to use is ”V.U.T” You will really want to focus on cutting the note off on the T. A good quack, a realistic quack will have a distinct end to each note.

Once you practice this note enough that you can make it sound good consistently we will stack the notes into a realistic cadence that Mallards use.

Start with three quacks… this is a greeting call. Think of the song three blind mice and mimic the tempo with three quacks. The first note is the longest and each note after is shorter and shorter. But they are all quacks and they need to be clean. If I was to write it out it would look like this: Vuuttttt Vutttt Vutt.

Once you can run these notes consistently we increase the cadence to 5 notes or quacks. It’s the same concept the first note is the longest and each following note is shorter. If I wrote it out it would look like this: Vuuuttttttt Vuuutttttt Vuuttttt Vutttt Vutt

This is a good place to start. Remember that when you use this technique you want sound lonely, we are trying to coax them into our decoy spread.

Check back and we will continue to break down the basic tips for calling more ducks into range. If you have questions please feel free to message me. Good luck and remember practice makes perfect!

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Callum Close. . . Killem Clean. . .

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