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The Powerhouse Goose Call

This call truly is a “Powerhouse” it is all goose with outstanding range making it great call for the field or the stage. The deep natural goosey sounds it produces are truly awesome and deadly in the field. It is a easy to run call that transitions smoothly from note to note making it a must have in the field.

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The PCS Goose Call

The PCS is designed to do one thing…hunt Canada geese! It has such an incredible range of volume and pitch that has proven to be very effective on all the sub species of Canada geese across the country. The volume, tone and speed of the PCS is what makes it so deadly in the field, one call that does it all. Whether you are running traffic and need that extra speed and high end “crack” to get their attention. Or chasing resident geese that have heard it all this call gets them feet down in the decoys.

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The Home Wrecker Duck Call

This little double reed is more than enough for all hunting situations and has been proven to be very deadly coast to coast. It runs smooth and has those pure meat sounds that late season green heads can’t resist. It is easy to run and sounds very natural, making those soft seductive sounds that can make the difference on a tough day.

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